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     When not creating metalwork, Jean-Pierre enjoys spending quality time with his four children...Mireille, Christian, Olivier, and Julien.

     Jean-Pierre believes in living a healthy lifestyle and in harmony with our environment.

     To gain inspiration, or to simply relax, Jean-Pierre enjoys observing nature-at-work, listening to soft music, reading, and writing poetry...

I roamed the earth in sadness
Observing misery and madness
Along the path, a lonesome craftsman
Toiling away, hammer in hand

I watched him work in wonder
How the world, he does not ponder
Son, he said, though you may wander
Answers you won't find there yonder

You watch the world with compassion
I seek to heal in tears of passion
With sweat I weep upon thy anvil
My fire lights your flickering mantle

                                                  -Jean-Pierre Masbanji


Since my matter was conceived
Among cedars, pine and seas
My life has known no deeds
But thru happiness and peace

The beat of my heart
Has no time for envy or greed
Like the ebb and tide of seas
It takes but to again set free…

With these hands I've earned the skill
To survive with iron will
To cut, shape and mold, an artist creates
He without knowing truly meditates

For how can we know life
Thru hands that cannot see
And eyes that do not feel
The intricacy of a delicate leaf

And how can we love
Though we never learn to weep
True passion can only float
And ride down the river of tears

Listen to the wind my friends
And learn the wisdom of trees
Though a mighty trunk they seem
To a gentle blow they yield

                                               -Jean-Pierre Masbanji